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For it looks as if ‘factual’ inquiries concern whether some attribute belongs to some subject (movement to the earth, eclipse to the moon), and the search for the reason why will be a search for the causal explanation of the attribute belonging to that subject.By contrast, it looks like the move from ‘if’ to ‘what’ is a move from establishing the existence of some subject (‘god’, ‘man’) to establishing what it is.The Generation of Animals (or On the Generation of Animals; Greek Περὶ ζῴων γενέσεως; Latin De Generatione Animalium) is one of Aristotle's major texts on biology.

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Even Plato has Timaeus devote a considerable part of his speech to the human body and its functions (and malfunctions).His father Nicomachus was physician to King Amyntas III of Macedon, and his mother was of a wealthy family from the island of Euboea.He was sent at the age of 17 to Athens, where he studied in Plato’s Academy for 20 years, until Plato’s death in 347.By 335 he had returned to Athens, now under the control of his former student Alexander.With Theophrastus he founded a ‘school’ in a public sanctuary known as the Lyceum.

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