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The works cited here provide additional background for those who are interested in delving into this matter further. Other systems of interpretation are not so sensitive to the date of writing, since their interpretive frameworks do not connect the events of the book as directly to the events attending the fall of Jerusalem. As we saw when discussing the authorship of the book, there are two primary sources of evidence available when analyzing a biblical text: internal and external.

Our treatment of the date the book was written is intended mainly to acquaint the unfamiliar reader with the significance of the topic and the major arguments presented in support of the most popular dates. 70, then the entire basis of the preterist interpretation collapses. In other words, the early date is necessary for the preterist interpretation, but not sufficient to prove that the text applies strictly to the immediate readers of John’s day.

Hitchcock has noted the narrow date range which modern preterism depends upon for its interpretation of the book. 68), and the formal imperial engagement of the Jewish war (spring A. Leaving aside the interpretation of internal evidence which has its own problems, the determination of what constitutes internal evidence is highly problematic.

This involves a huge amount of subjectivity on the part of the interpreter.

This is plainly evident in the conclusions drawn from academic considerations of internal evidence drawn from the four gospels.

Aspects of the text of the book of Revelation have been understood by some as being indicative of an earlier date.

Second, the events of Revelation are poured out specifically upon the Jews rather than the entire disbelieving world.

This agenda provides two key results: First, the future judgment of the “earth dwellers” and tribulation upon the earth is moved to the past clearing the way for Christian Reconstructionism and dominion.

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