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The ceasefire broke down in 2015, leading to a renewed escalation in conflict.In 2016, a coup d'état was unsuccessfully attempted against Erdoğan and Turkish state institutions.He founded the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2001, leading it to general election victories in 2002, 20 before standing down upon his election as President in 2014.

Steve Carell Authoritarianism, an unrealistic occidental imagination - these issues will never be settled.

Douglas Conant I'd love to give my girls a traditional Thanksgiving with turkey and all that jazz, but we've raised them to love Tuscan food so much that they don't care for it.

My favorite is a nice polenta with beef stew and broccoli rabe on the side.

We've spent too long trying to cheer ourselves up by spending money on brightly coloured things we don't really need. Jarvis Cocker Iran also has an extensive missile development programme.

Iranian officials declare that the range of their modified Shahab-3 missiles is 2,000km, putting allied countries such as Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria within reach.

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