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Change analysis period to Last 3 days Last 7 days Last 14 days Last 8 weeks Last 13 weeks Last 26 weeks Last 39 weeks Last 52 weeks By default, the longer analysis periods display graphs that show the long term performance of this station.

The graphs show the mean error over time, and include error bars which are one standard deviation long.

Latitude: 29° 59' 4" N (deg min sec), 29.9844° (decimal), 2959.06N (LORAN)Longitude: 95° 21' 39" W (deg min sec), -95.3607° (decimal), 09521.64W (LORAN)Elevation: 29 metres (95 feet) -- validated against 28 metres (90 feet) from Google WMO Id: 72243 Location: HOUSTON INTERCONTINENTAL, TX, United States County: Harris, TX Forecast Office: Houston/Galveston (HGX) Airport diagram: PDF from FAAAutomated weather phone (ASOS): 281-443-6397 Observing program(s): ASOS COOP The site location should be at the mark shown -- or very close.

Clicking within the map area (or you can drag the 'KIAH' marker) will display the latitude/longitude of that point.

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Please note that we are trying to spot either the Stevenson Screen (or equivalent) or the location where the barometric readings are taken. Please indicate if the marker on the map points at the weather instrument cluster: The station (or view from the station) is shown here.

For the station itself, please add the 'wx:station' tag as well.Clicking on the map above will redo the search centered on the clicked point.Data has been seen on each of the last 11 analyzed days.It could mean that another station came online in the local area, and they are changing the analysis. This web page just provides visualization of the data that MADIS produces.There are a number of very knowledgeable people who participate on the WXQC Mailing List who do understand exactly how MADIS works and can resolve issues when the analysis seems to be broken.

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