Logon script not updating

Registry setting (can be deployed using Group Policy Preferences): From Samuel Legrand Xen App 7.14 – (Really) Manage a DR!– Citrix Policies has a setting called Concurrent Logon Tolerance.From Local Host Cache sizing and scaling at Citrix Docs: For Windows Server 2008 R2 Controllers, Power Shell 3, or newer, is required.See LHC XD 7.12 and W2K8SR2 SP1 at Citrix Discussions.πŸ’‘ = Recently Updated If you are performing a new install of Xen App/Xen Desktop Controller, then skip to the next section.You can upgrade directly from any Delivery Controller version 5.6 or newer.Citrix Licensing – If you are going to use an existing Citrix Licensing Server, upgrade it to build 20104.

George Spiers Local Host Cache Xen App & Xen Desktop 7.12 shows the Event Log entries when LHC is enabled.Either get a DBA to grant you temporary sysadmin permission, or use Citrix Studio to generate SQL scripts that a DBA must then run in SQL Studio.Frequent upgrades – Xen App and Xen Desktop 7.14.1 is a Current Release (CR).To view the contents of the Logging Database, in Studio, click the Logging node. See Citrix article CTX138132 Viewing Configuration Logging Data Not Shown for more info.The Logging Database can be queried using Get-Log Low Level Operation.

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