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But in doing so they overlook the enormous amounts of behind-the-scenes, domain-specific labor that makes AI possible in the first place.Google’s self-driving car doesn’t simply go anywhere its passengers please.Will technology produce new jobs, new industries, and new forms of comparative advantage?Or will technology take away jobs and concentrate wealth among those who own the machines?

In examining computerization futures—whether in terms of abundance or of alienation—neither book recognizes the profits and pleasures of pretending technology is magic. The Second Machine Age opens with a roller coaster ride through the promised future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its threat to replace human labor.

Indian workers I never met checked ads to filter out porn, alcohol, and violence.

The partial automation reduced their work but could not replace it completely.

These moderators and scan workers never showed up in the lavish, celebrated spaces where Googlers drank, ate, and brainstormed.

They didn’t ride the Google shuttle, eat the Google food, or attend beer-filled all-hands Friday meetings.

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