Updating apache on windows

Thread Safe Vs Non-Thread Safe is the subject of programming for mulitcore and multiprocessor systems where we can slice up one instruction into multi instructions.

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It is of no current concern that official PHP VC6 support is due to conclude with the 5.3.x version releases [].I need to keep a program I've written up to date, this will happen frequently over the next year or so, this will need to be done over the Internet.Where would you suggest I start, are there any common techniques? Thanks Fairly well is not good enough :) NApp Update is an open-source library I wrote to address just this.More details at Code is at Update (Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license) That's the problem with providing links only: over time they're broken. Nadeem, is Dot Net Updater still available nowadays and where to get information?(Google was not able to help on this occasion) Click Once is a good solution, but if you wish to have total control then you can roll-your-own.

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