Updating sarge to etch

For access to packages headed for but not yet entered etch-proposed-updates - 'Packages awaiting proposed-updates moderation - Summary for proposed-updates': upgrade to the next version of Debian, replace the code name / alias in from 'etch' to 'lenny'. To upgrade from Woody to Etch you must first upgrade to Sarge, then to Etch. Use the latest Debian 'stable' distribution (this document is for version 4.0) from (Note that because Etch is now archived it can only be downloaded from Set the time to the correct Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the BIOS before installing Debian.The regeneration of host keys will cause a warning to be displayed when connecting to the system using SSH until the host key is updated in the known_hosts file.This server guide and my experiences have only been tested in environments with up to fifteen people/workstations so don't expect it to be spot-on when it comes to other areas.Three weeks ago these two were the same (because sarge was stable) and now etch is stable – problem!I changed the security update path to sarge and everything works fine again.Download and apply any security updates using 'aptitude update' then 'aptitude dist-upgrade' Make a rescue/boot floppy disk: If you have a SCSI hard disk (or disks) and a USB-attached disk, say, for backing up to, and you aren't using Linux RAID and/or LVM, then the machine can fail to boot when the USB-attached disk is connected.

updating sarge to etch-79

- improved RAID and LVM sections - TODO: updated kernel package 1.2.14 - 26 April 2009 - added ca-certificates package to Fetchmail section.I have no experience of running a server openly on the Internet or a (Linux) server at high capacity for large numbers of users so expect the advice as applied to these realms to be vague.Everything in here comes from direct experience at one time or another but my most thorough day-to-day server knowledge, reflected in sections in here and in other guides from thegoldenear.org, is in Samba domain controllers; mail servers; print servers; Linux and Debian.The SCSI subsystem (which deals with SCSI and USB disks, but not ATA disks) numbers disks in the order it finds them, which isn't always the same order. These device references can change depending on various conditions at boot time.Apart from when using LVM, files involved in the Linux boot process by default use the disk device reference, rather than a reference that isn't subject to change.

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