Whats the relevance of constantly updating ones skill

It also makes sense to learn the basics of coding, for which I can whole-heartedly recommend , where you can acquire fundamental skills interactively and for free.Artificial Intelligence already has the capacity to go over millions of medical documents within seconds and suggest a treatment plan to the patient – however it cannot empathize with the sufferer and it simply cannot replace the “human touch”.If people whose jobs are replaced cannot acquire new skills or improve their existing ones, they will no longer have a job.Given this possibility we must constantly question what our best individual skills are and what we can do to improve them.The necessity for digital literacy at the moment and in the future is as evident as the fact that you get sunburnt when lying in the sun for too long.It is impossible to imagine life without computers, phones or the Internet with the capital I.And in the world where robots, algorithms and mechanical, programmed creatures will become more and more wide-spread, empathy will be one of the most significant trait of humans.The ability to understand, be aware of, sensitive to and vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another person will be highly valued.

The term was coined in 2005, and means the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially an online community, rather than from employees or suppliers.

Let’s make sure to attend to those skills that make us irreplaceable.

As I’m thinking a lot about the coming “brave new world”, and I also try to figure out what comes next, here are some of my experiences and my best preparation strategies for the coming years so you can re-invent yourself as I do regularly.

Do you feel uncomfortable at formal receptions and do you have the impression that small talk is an art you will never truly master?

Then the future can sound so much more enticing to you!

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