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Upon the newlyweds' return to Nova Scotia, they checked into a bed and breakfast, where Weeks told the owner of the establishment, Cheryl Chambers, that they were both ill and had been up "vomiting all night." Chambers told the CBC investigative program "The Fifth Estate" that only one of them appeared to be sick. Doctors found him heavily drugged — the result, it was later found, of Shepard spiking his coffee with tranquilizers.This act of "administering a noxious substance" (reduced from an earlier charge of attempted murder) landed her nearly three years in Canadian federal prison in 2013.

The start of their romance was simple, according to court documents cited by the BBC: Shepard knocked on Weeks's door and told him that she was lonely. From there, the dalliance took on a familiar rhythm, one unbeknownst to the smitten Weeks at the time.(Romances aside, she also has 30 fraud convictions, dating back to 1977.) Each time she struck, the headlines lamented her ever-growing web.The police consider Shepard at high risk to reoffend, the Canadian Press reported.All were elderly men who had recently lost their spouses.They sought companionship, and found instead in Shepard someone who siphoned their savings, slipped drugs into their food and, in one case, ran him over with a car and left him dead on a dirt road.

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